Blue Thunder Videos
Blue Thunder was born in 1995. When my then manager Shawn Ahearn asked me if I wanted to tour Japan. I got some friends together - David Hentschel (keyboards), Gary Husband (drums), Azumi(guitar) and Clifford Archer (bass). After the tour we decided we needed a CD of new material which we recorded in England where I was able to contact some good friends to appear as guests - Micky Moody, Mick Taylor, Andy Summers & Kohey Tsuchiya.

The band keeps evolving over time with new members including Jeff Dunn (drums), Ronnie Johnson (guitar), Paul Carmichael (bass), Nigel Portman-Smith (bass). The current line-up includes Clive Edwards (drums), Steve Smith (guitar), Roy Shipston (keyboards) and Pete Stroud (bass).

With a new album in the pipeline I hope to see you at a gig near you soon.

Paul WIlliams
click on the links below for videos from the 1995 Blue Thunder tour of Japan


Built For Comfort

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