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  I had been friends with The Animals from the time they first came down to London and used to go to the Flamingo Club and the Scene Club. Allan Price wanted to stop touring and asked me if I wanted to take over. I thought it was an opportunity I should not miss and so the Paul Williams Set was alive. I attempted to record a song that was very pop oriented; although it got massive air play, it didn't get into the charts. It was a great band with some wonderful players including Alan White (Yes), Jeff Condon and Johnny Almond (Mark-Almond band).

After the Paul Williams Set dissolved and everybody went their separate ways, I worked on various projects and bands that didn't quite work including Aynsley Dunbar's Blue Whale. Off we went again touring England and Europe until one night we were in Munich doing the beer festival for two nights. We played the first night. Afterward we went back to the hotel and the band were in the bar when Aynsley came up and said he was joining Frank Zappa's band, so we could carry on or not without him. Within what seemed like minutes I got a call from London - they wanted a front man for Juicy Lucy and was I interested. I said yes and jumped on the plane without telling Aynsley I had left. The band knew, and the next night when they went on without me, Aynsley asked where I was and they told him I was in London. That was that. I did finish the album off but not a lot of thought went into it - I did the vocals in about three hours!

Juicy Lucy had already had a hit with 'Who Do You Love' before I joined so I had to jump in the deep end. I had started to write most of the material for the band and at a certain point Glen Campbell the slide player left to join Joe Cocker. This was after we had toured the world extensively. Different members were leaving and others joining until there was only myself and Micky Moody who I found playing in a band in Redcar. Anyway we decided to carry on, got some more players and had a minor chart hit with our second single. After the next tour supporting Joe Cocker in Europe, owing to management terrorism, money missing etc., I decided to leave and join a new band called Tempest - Jon Hiseman, Allan Holdsworth, Mark Clarke and myself. It was promoted as a 'supergroup' and we toured America and Europe, but

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